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Car Rental PPHUROTOR A. Tuchołka
ul. Węglowa 22, Gdynia Tel. 0601 690 815
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Company P.P.H.U. ROTOR rent cars at the time specified by the customer, but not less than 3 days.
Minimum age 25 years Lessor, a valid identity card, driving license, passport if the person renting the vehicle resides outside of Poland.
It is forbidden to a vehicle available to third parties not mentioned in the lease.
Customer is required to sign a lease vehicle and pay a fee in advance, at the rate applicable on loan.
The tenant is responsible for material to the Company Inc. ROTOR for the deficiencies in your car or external damage, caused by his fault.
For having lost the key tenant to pay the amount of 350 zł, while the loss of documents 950 zł.
In the case of damage to the vehicle by the Lessee, caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it will be charged for repairs, as well as stopping the car in the garage, according to the rental rate.
Company P.P.H.U. ROTOR is not responsible for any damage or failure resulting outside Polish borders.
The tenant may exceed the boundaries of Poland only with the written consent of Lessor.
In the case of damage to the car that prevents independent movement of the Lessee is obliged to secure the vehicle - by transporting it to the car park and promptly notify Landlord of the loss.
Do not return the vehicle within the period specified in this Agreement will notify the police about the theft of the vehicle and all costs and consequences resulting from the initiation of the search of the vehicle shall be borne by the Lessee.
During a vehicle the Renter is obliged to secure the vehicle against theft, as well as compliance with applicable rules of the road.
During the operation of a vehicle the Renter is obliged to respect the principles of operation of the vehicle, ie: check the oil level, the fluid in the cooling system, air condition of the tires, so as not to cause damage to the subject of the lease.
In matters not covered in these rules shall apply the provisions of the Civil Code.

od 200 zł NETTO

An oil change for free!
An oil change for free, provided the purchase of oil in our company.

350,00 zł

Air Conditioning Service R134A and ozonation of the vehicle.


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