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Vehicle Protection Program - an integral part of the Satellite Vehicle Monitoring System AUTOMONITORING and provides a comprehensive fleet of vehicles and securing of cargo. The POP program can use the following options:

- Red button - pressing the emergency alarm system triggers a procedure for receiving the emergency services center (ACO). The positioner automatically connects to the ACO allowing the operator to listen inside the cab of the vehicle.

- Authorization - each time entering the vehicle is authorized, by execution of predefined actions such as: the inclusion of an additional button. Not authorized to invoke the emergency procedure.

- Telephone - when the driver is necessarily forced to leave the vehicle, the system allows the application of this fact from any phone. Your username and password can be set in motion the panel.

- Sensors - AUTOMONITORING system allows you to connect a range of sensors, which activate and deactivate the operator may carry the ACO by sending the appropriate command. Violation of the active sensor will trigger the alarm procedure.

- Zone - above the limit defined area or the entire corridor (enter, leave, both events), the vehicle sends a signal that causes the initiation of the emergency alert procedure.

- Lack of location as an ON-LINE - in the event of such a phenomenon in the system operator verifies the ACO with the cause, and when the theft has been identified - start the procedure panel.

Emergency Procedures

After receiving the alarm from the vehicle operator ACO take immediate action. Alarms can be triggered inadvertently by the user or in a real emergency vehicle protected and / or cargo. In an emergency you do not have broken contact with the operator of the ACO, the user is required to provide a fixed password, subscriber names and vehicle registration.

1. Alarm activated in an emergency situation (such as pressing the red button):

- The operator locates the vehicle and, depending on the findings of the contract: verify, notify police and other emergency order stating:

direction and speed of the vehicle or stopping place - a town, street name, road number,
brand, color, registration number - the operator continued to service the alarm until the recovery of the vehicle or cargo by the police and other emergency

2. Theft of vehicle:

The operator shall notify the ACO or police departments to intervene in the situation:

receive a telephone notification from a stolen vehicle,
generate an alarm to the vehicle due to burglary or theft, as the user will be notified by the operator and this fact is confirmed by the owner

3. Alarm triggered inadvertently by the user (eg lack of authentication when the driver enters the vehicle):

- The operator contacts the user to explain the causes of an alarm,
- After finding that the alarm is false, the operator does not notify the emergency services and alarm handling ends.

In the absence of contact with the vehicle, the operator shall take action according to the procedure described in the Agreement.

The operator has a current list of ACO phone numbers for all police units in the country. The alert procedure, taking reasonable inform the police station territorially assigned to a place where there is a need to initiate an alarm.

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