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Vehicle Protection Vehicle Protection Program is a procedure performed by system operators AUTOMONITORING for example, vehicle theft, breach of sensors indicated by the loading or lack of authorization to the driver. It involves the rapid location of the vehicle in emergency situations and to coordinate emergency services. This allows the vehicle owner has continued all day support in emergency situations.

Optimal use of vehicles now transport companies increased competition from the new EU countries necessitates the need for better use its fleet. This can be achieved by making optimal use of logistics information about the location of vehicles, supplied by the system AUTOMONITORING AUTOMONITORING information from the system allow for more efficient use of vehicles, for example through the adoption of additional transport orders, availability of loading on vehicles already on the road, checking drivers' tests, etc. in EU countries show that the costs incurred to implement the vehicle tracking system usually turn in the first quarter of use.

Supervision of the fuel companies have their own company cars are increasingly faced with the theft of fuel, or the use of official vehicles without authorization, for private purposes. The answer to these problems is AUTOMONITORING system that tracks fuel consumption on an ongoing basis and reports such as in the case of a large loss at a standstill. Through flexible authentication system for drivers and to declare their type of riding (private / business), and also thanks to the possibilities of analysis based on reports from the data on hours of operation of vehicles, defeated routes, stops, etc., provides a thorough verification of the validity of their use. The system also allows the introduction of AUTOMONITORING incentive for drivers to take account of reports on fuel consumption, thereby promoting cost-effective and the prescribed driving.

Area control vehicles very useful function of alerting the system AUTOMONITORING when they leave the area where the vehicle should be. The car owner has the flexibility to designate a number of areas in which they can move the vehicle. In case of detection of crossing the border zone, the system automatically notifies an alarm.


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An oil change for free!
An oil change for free, provided the purchase of oil in our company.

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Air Conditioning Service R134A and ozonation of the vehicle.


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