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The system is designed for individuals and companies that seek to optimize the operation of road transport while applying modern technology to protect vehicles. The system is applicable wherever the need is to maximize driver safety, vehicle and cargo. It is suitable for situations where you need precise information about location, time travel, speed and other characteristics of operation of individual vehicles or fleets of vehicles. The system effectively supports actions for optimal and efficient management of transport and logistics.


The main users of the system Automonitoring are forwarders, transport and courier services - monitoring and control of the vehicle work

     commercial companies - control the time and place of work of regional representatives and workers
     intervention services - to improve coordination and action in the field,
     individual customers - the best protection against theft of the vehicle.

Use of the system Automonitoring brings tangible benefits: SECURITY - 24 hour security vehicle theft

     SAFE AND QUIET - if necessary, emergency vehicles and the Monitoring Station of emergency services,
     FREE access to special software on the Internet,
     SAVINGS - the ability to settle an employee from working time, the route traveled, places visited, fuel consumption, etc.

CMA monitors the vehicles throughout Europe, which is possible thanks to GPS, global reach, and roaming services - Polish GSM operators.



od 200 zł NETTO

An oil change for free!
An oil change for free, provided the purchase of oil in our company.

350,00 zł

Air Conditioning Service R134A and ozonation of the vehicle.


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